What is REIGN?

REIGN is a young woman led response to Child Sexual Exploitation and other forms of sexual abuse.

REIGN pioneers are young women aged 16-25 from Greater Manchester who come together to share their stories, support each other and speak out to help educate other young people and stop abuse.

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) can take many forms, online and in real life, including grooming, the ‘boyfriend model’, being prostituted or sexually abused by family members, neighbours or strangers.

In 2015, 953 children in GM were flagged as being at risk of CSE, but many more abused and sexually exploited young people will not have been identified. Some young people won’t even recognise that they are being exploited at first. Young women might be scared that they might not be believed or get into trouble or they might not know where to go for help.

For more information visit the REIGN Programme Website.